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Gov.za under the subject Unemployed Qualified Educator. All enquiries must be directed to Miss N Garib Room 229 2nd Floor NED Building 228 Pietermaritz Street Pietermaritzburg 3200 / Private Bag X9137 Pietermaritzburg 3200. Tel 033 846 5420 POSTAL Private Bag X9137 Pietermaritzburg 3200 KwaZulu-Natal Republic of South Africa FORM NO REG1 REGISTRATION OF PROFESSIONALY QUALIFIED UNEMPLOYED EDUCATORS NB This form must NOT be completed by educators that were previously employed by the State and...
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Hello and welcome to SP tutorials today I am going to show you how to create a registration form using the PHP and the MySQL server as a database okay so let me start as you can see here I have already written a code for the registration form using the basic HTML tags okay you can see this I have used takes bits for the username password first-name last name and two radio buttons for the gender one takes area for the address and two text fields for the email ID and the phone okay and the last one I have used to button first one is to submit the form and the second one is for the clear the form okay before going further I just want to show my database you can see this I have created a database called as SP tutorials inside the database I have also created a table called as registration okay inside the registration table I have defined eight columns for the username password first name last name gender address email and the phone which are exactly similar to this text fields okay now let me start by adding the form tag okay inside the form tag I am using the attribute called as action my action will be act register dot PHP okay inside the Act register dot PHP I will write my all the PHP code okay my method will be post and my form name is form one let me close the form okay now I am going to create another PHP file called as act register dot PHP which I have defined in the action attribute okay let me save this new file as act register dot PHP okay in this I am going to write all my PHP code okay let me start by adding the variable for opening the MySQL e connection okay I am using the function called MySQL connect the MySQL connect function opens the SQL Server MySQL server connection okay the MySQL connect function accept several parameters the first one is your server name mine is localhost second one is your username mine is root third is the password I do not have password for the root username, so I am keeping it as a blank and last one is the name of your database mine one is an SP tutorial you can see this okay now I am going to write the failure message okay as failed to connect MySQL server okay, and I am concatenating it with another function called as my is Kelley connect error okay the MySQL connect error function gets the error if there is something wrong in opening the MySQL connection okay and conceit that error here okay with the statement failed to connect MySQL server now I am declaring some variables for this text fields okay first variable will be the username I am using the function called MySQL real escape string the MySQL real escape string escapes all the facial character from these text fields okay all this special character form these are text fields it accepts two parameter first one is your connection variable and another is the post variable okay it can act it can also accept the several other variable such as gate variable inside this post variable I am just passing my name of I am just passing the name of my inputs...
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